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Felt Flower Magnet Kit

Fair Play Projects

Felt Flower Magnet Kit


The refrigerator gallery is open! These pretty magnets make the perfect little hangers for your child’s latest masterpiece! Each Magnet is made with two pieces of felt sewn together using a simple whipstitch, and the magnet gets tucked inside for safe keeping.

The simple sewing on these is just perfect for little hands (we recommend ages 6 and up), but please keep in mind that swallowing a magnet is extremely dangerous so this project is not recommended for households with toddlers.

This bundle includes all the supplies you need to make 7 magnets: A Felt Flower Magnet Project Template, Fourteen 2 x 2-inch pieces of 100% wool felt in 7 colors, One skein of embroidery floss, Seven 3/4-inch round ceramic magnets, A needle, An erasable fabric marker