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Cherry Wood Kazoo
Cherry Wood Kazoo
Cherry Wood Kazoo

AE Wooden Toys

Cherry Wood Kazoo


Handmade cherry wood kazoo. Cherry wood. 4” long. Extra membrane included.
Handmade in NY State with sustainable and non toxic child safe materials. age 5+

Since 2008 family run business AE Toys has been making quality, non-toxic wooden toys. Cherry, Maple, Walnut and local pine are handcrafted into smooth, durable designs and rubbed with a non-toxic oil to allow the natural beauty to shine. Recycled materials are used whenever possible and top priority is given to environmental sustainability.

 AE Toys statement says “We believe that conscious parenting is one of the most wonderful and challenging responsibilities on the planet. It is our hope to support this important endeavor by offering simple toys that stimulate creative, imaginative play. We truly care about the toys we make and hope that they add to the nurturing experiences of childhood.”

Safety: “We know children deserve safe, well-made toys. All our designs reflect this primary concern. We personally make each toy from start to finish in our workshop located in Ithaca, NY (USA). 
Our lumber comes from the Danby Hardwoods, Caroline Wood Products and Cayuga Lumber and our parts follow the federal and voluntary guidelines governing small parts.  Our toy finishes are safe. Our toys are simply coated with a non-toxic, food grade mineral oil and organic beeswax which meets or exceeds requirements by the USFDA, US Pharmacopeia, US Dept. of Agriculture and is certified Kosher and Pareve.   In some of our toys we have painted passengers. There is no lead in the paints or finishes used on our toys.  The paints and finish we use are manufactured in the US and are CPSIA compliant through third party testing. Any paints used on our toys meet and exceed all guidelines governing the use of lead in paints and toys.”